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Vagina Dentata Anyone?

From a staircase in a Portugese bookstore

Some lovely advice on writing from Bertrand Russell

Russell is one of my favorite writers and thinkers, and has been one of the strongest philosophical influences in my life. He was relentless in his search for a clear understanding of the world, and equally driven to articulate that understanding to a very wide audience. He has over 100 books to his credit, so … Continue reading

Some Painfully-Edifying Reading: Suicide Notes

So this is, by far, the worst bed-time reading I’ve ever done. I stumbled across this collection of (ostensibly) real suicide notes last night at about 1am, and, though I’m glad to have read them, I wish I’d waited ’til daytime. I suggest you read them too though. They offer a rare glimpse into a … Continue reading

Seeing Through Techno-Eyes

I’m reading back through Heidegger’s essay, “The Question Concerning Technology”, where he discusses not only the nature of technology, but the way in which modern (i.e., 20th c.) technology alters our perception of the natural world. The following paragraph is gold. “The hydroelectric plant is set into the current of the Rhine [river]. It sets … Continue reading

The Future Now: We’re Printing Out Houses

  A few days ago I read an article about this professor at Southern California who has designed gigantic 3D ‘printers’ equipped with concrete, steel, etc. in their ‘printing cartridges’, and which can therefore ‘print out’ buildings. The machines can do it at a small fraction of the cost, and in a small fraction of … Continue reading


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